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Application to be Registered as a Suitable Potential Adoptive Parent

The Applicants applying for adoption of a child from CR seeking to be entered into the register (appendix no. 1) turn to the Office through the Central Authority of the receiving state which obtains an authorisation from the Office in the virtue of the Hague Convention. The proceedings on registration are conducted in a written form.
The application seeking an entry into the register must include the particulars stipulated by the Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Procedure Code in the wording of its latest regulations (hereafter only as ôthe Administrative Procedure Codeô). As appendixes the following must be submitted by the applicants:
1. approval of the application for adoption ľ the approval must be granted by the relevant body of the receiving state, it must contain express declaration that the applicants are suitable and competent to adopt pursuant to the law of the receiving state and it must contain characteristics of children the applicants would be qualified to care for,
2. birth certificates of the applicants,
3. documents on citizenship of the applicants,
4. certification that the applicants are of upstanding character - criminal record certificates not more than three months old,
5. marriage certificate of the applicants,
6. adoption home study ľ not older than one year, prepared by the authorised social worker,
7. character evaluation report ľ not older than one year, prepared by a psychologist, including examination focusing on detection of any potential psychopathology (appendix no. 2),
8. medical report on health condition of the applicants - prepared by the general practitioner (family doctor or other relevant GP) (appendix no 3),
9. documentation on employment background of the applicants,
10. income statement reports of the applicants,
11. consent of the applicants with the inspections of the child conducted at the times stipulated by the Office (appendix no. 4),
12. a copy of a questionnaire (appendix no. 5, part A to be filled in by the male and female applicants separately, part B to be filled in by both applicants together),
13. photographic documentation ľ photographic documentation should contain photographs of the applicants or if applicable, pictures of children residing in the matrimonial home or of other persons, photographs of extended family and of standard of housing and accommodation.
As the above appendixes the original of the documents or notarised copies are submitted. All appendixes of the application that represent official documents (mainly appendixes no.2, 3, 4 and 5), must be equipped by a seal and an appostile or alternatively be super-legalised (a higher from of verification) should the submitted document have been issued in a State that is not bound by the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents and should a special international treaty not provide otherwise. The application seeking entry into the register of suitable applicants to become adoptive parents (appendix no. 1) as well as appendixes to the application must be submitted in Czech Language. In the event that nor the documents that form parts of the application neither the application itself are in the Czech language, their original versions must be submitted while equipped by a Czech translation. The costs of the translation of the documents are borne by the applicants.

On the day of the delivery of the application the Office opens the proceedings on entry of the applicants into the register of suitable applicants to become adoptive parents and the applicants are sent through the Central Authority or any other authorised body of the receiving state a notice on commencement of the proceedings. The Office is obliged to decide the matter in accordance with provision ž 71 section 3 of Code of Administrative Procedure.

In the event the application fails to include all particulars, the Office shall stay the proceedings (ž 64 of the Code of Administrative Procedure) and shall invite the applicants to file additional documentation or data. The Office shall set a time period for provision of such additional documentation or data and should the applicants fail to comply with the obligation imposed in such a manner within the provided time period, the Office shall not enter the applicants into the register.
Within the proceedings on the entry of applicants into the register of suitable applicants to become adoptive parents the Office assesses the compliance with the Czech public order and with international treaties.

The applicants are served the decision on entry into the register, or alternatively on exclusion from the register via the Central Authority or any other authorised body of the receiving state which ensures that the Office obtains the acknowledgement of receipt of the decision by the applicants. The decision is served in Czech language and the costs of the translation are to be borne by the applicants. The applicants have a period of 15 days available from the date when they were notified on the decision to file an appeal (ž 83 of Code of Administrative Procedure) should they disagree with the decision. The appeal is submitted with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs through the Office. The appeal does not have suspensive effect.
The applicants have the right to familiarise themselves with the documentation and content of the file that represents the basis for the decision issued.
The submission of the application does not give rise to any obligation to pay fees.
After the decision on entry into the register of suitable applicants for adoption becomes final the applicants have the obligation to notify the Office on all changes relevant and decisive for facilitation of the adoption within 1ř days from the day such changes have occurred.

The appendixes that form part of the application on entry into the register of applicants for an adoption must be updated regularly (once a year) and duly by either the Central Authority or any other authorised body of the receiving state.

Unless the Office stipulates otherwise, appendixes no. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 must be submitted in the course of the update. In appendixes 6, 7, and 9 a written confirmation of the Central Authority or any other authorised body of the receiving state that no substantive changes occurred in the course of the past period shall suffice.

In the event the applicants, having been awarded pre-adoption care of a child based on the local decision, decide to apply for adoption of another child from the register of children suitable for adoption maintained by the Office, even if that is a biological sibling of the child in pre-adoptive custody, the application seeking entry into the register of applicants suitable to become adoptive parents must be sent with all of the above mentioned appendixes except for appendixes no. 2, 3 and 5 if those appendixes were included in the file of the previous application for the entry into the register.

In this case the facilitation of the adoption may take place only after the decision on entry of the applicants into the register of applicants suitable to become adoptive parents has been issued.