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Greetings from BLAS on Moon Festival on September 29.

The Moon Festival, one of the traditional Chinese festivals, will fall on October 6, 2006. This important holiday celebration is regarded as an occasion of family reunion by Chinese people. Watching the bright full moon in the sky, people are longing for the reunion of their family. This time around, all of us who are engaged in transnational adoption in China are especially missing our children who have been adopted by loving foreign families.

As the Moon Festival is approaching, I, on behalf of all staff of the Bridge of Love Adoption Service, extend the most cordial greetings and the best wishes to all the staff of your agency. Wish you and your family happiness. At the same time, please extend my greetings and wishes to the adopted children and the adoptive parents. Wish the children will grow healthy and wish all the adoptive families happy.Over the past years, our cooperation has been expanding. I am very glad to see that due to our combined efforts, Chinese orphaned and disabled children are thriving in families full of love, and the adoptive parents also gain their happiness. Our ôroot-seekingö tour in this year was warmly welcomed by adoptive families. We will further organize ôroot-seekingö tours for more adoptive families. Any suggestions from you will be appreciated.Rise bright moon at the sea, the limits of the earth is totally at this time. Letĺs join hands and strengthen cooperation, making joint efforts to create a bright future and to make more wonderful dreams come true.áá
Liu XiaoleiVice
Director of China Center of Adoption Affairs
Director of Bridge of Love Adoption Service
September 28, 2006