Adoption Awareness Week á Norđurlöndunum

Adoption Awarenes Week
Adoption Awarenes Week

Í ţessari viku er Adoption Awareness Week á Norđurlöndunum. Ţetta er samvinnuverkefni á milli allra félagana sem eru í Nordic Adoption Council, ţema ţessarar viku er "Leit ađ uppruna" - "Searching for Roots". Öll skilabođ verđa á ensku.

This week’s theme is “Searching for Roots”
Many adoptees wonder about their biological background at some point of their life. Not everybody wants to search for their roots, however. The need to know more is a very individual experience.

Some adoptees feel no need to ask for more information, some decide to discuss their background and the reasons behind the adoption with, for example, post adoption services, and some decide to go on a root searching trip to their birth country.

The experiences of root searching vary. The possibilities of finding information and/or biological or foster family members may vary a lot. There are many ways to connect with your past and it is not always easy.

We asked adult adoptees these four questions about their experiences:

1. Can you tell us why you decided to start searching for you roots?

2. How did you carry out the search?

3. How did your root search affect your identity?

4. Is there anything you would like to say to an adoptee who is considering searching for their roots?

During this #NordicAdoptionAwarenessWeek2023 Nordic adoption organisations will share these experiences and thoughts from adoptees on our social media channels.