Adoption Awareness Week - Colombia

Today we will meet Alvaro Vega.
Growing up in the countryside of Denmark, I quickly found myself in a situation where I felt different. Moreover, ever since my teenage years, it has been a desire of mine sparked by reading Malcolm X's autobiography to explore the significance of 'X' as representing the unknown in relation to his roots, leading me to contemplate my own.
My quest didn’t begin by sifting through adoption papers but rather by nervously expressing to my parents, , my wish to reclaim my original Colombian name, Alvaro. Subsequently, I sought my roots by meeting and forming relationships with other Colombians. This journey fostered a yearning to one day visit the country and perhaps, if fortunate, uncover information about my heritage.
However, it all crystallized for me when the TV program Sporlřs, traceless, caught my attention, and shortly afterward, I found myself holding my little sister in my arms. Discovering my family has connected me with individuals with whom I share a history in a different way I now have mirrors to reflect upon. Consequently, I feel more grounded in my identity. This search has made me feel more whole.
For those contemplating a similar search, I'd advise courage, listening to one's inner voice, and ensuring a supportive environment. Personally, I'll always advocate for knowing where one comes from, even though for some, it might be a challenging process. Every day, I engage in conversations with my family, and the depth of that connection surpasses the simplicity of the word 'happy.
Kind regards,
Alvaro Vega