Adoption Awereness Week - Sri Lanka

Today we start the Adoption awareness week! All of us Nordic adoption organizations go together on social media to raise awareness on intercountry adoption. Here comes the story of Sigridur Dhammika Haraldsdóttir from Iceland, adopted from Sri Lanka.
1. Can you tell us why you decided to start searching for your roots?
I have had an interest in finding my roots since I was a young girl. My adoptive parents tried to find my brother when I was younger through the Red Cross. They have always talked openly about my adoption, and saved everything in one file while going through the adoption process and gave it to me at the age of 10. These include My adoption papers, letters between them and the third-party agency in Germany and newspapers clip about Sri Lanka. I started to read them repeatedly through the years and was more and more curious about my roots.
2. How did you carry out the search?
I started looking for answers in 2002, but it seemed like no one could assist me. Many years later I got help through a friend that had already found her roots through a TV show in Iceland and wanted to assist other adoptees in Iceland. Unfortunately, that search gave me too much hope, I had more questions after the search, and nothing came out of it.
I am grateful to have been introduced to a women called Aury that has helped many adoptees all over the world. I am considering if I should keep searching and go to Sri Lanka next year with Aury’s assistance.
I am grateful to have been adopted to Iceland and I have wonderful parents who have always supported me no matter what. There is always a small part of me that thinks, If I stop the search now, I might regret it in the future.
3. Is there anything you would like to say to an adoptee who is considering searching for their roots? 
Be prepared for everything, this can be like a roller coaster. Get specialized help if you need that. It has helped me to talk to other adoptees about my search and thoughts. I am grateful to have good adoptive friends that are always ready to listen and share their experience with me. I recommend for adoptees thinking of searching for their roots to start with a DNA test that is recommended for their birth country.
Thank you for taking the time, reading my experience.