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Internationally adopted children's language and reading mastery.
Anne-Lise Rygvold has recently retired from her position as Associate Professor at the Department of Special Needs Education at the University of Oslo. She is trained as a Speech and Language Therapist and has for many years been programme director for the Departments┤Speech and Language Therapy program.
Her teaching and research interests are within language and reading development and disorders focusing upon internationally adopted children's language and school achievement. In 2017 she has completed a longitudinal study of internationally adopted children's language and reading development from 4 to 13 years of age compared to non-adopted peers.
For the time being she is, together with two colleagues at the Department, starting a new research project on adoptees from Eastern Europe in cooperation with researchers from France, Italy and Spain.
She has published in the areas of inter country adoption and language, language disabilities and reading and writing disabilities.

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