Achieving success with impossible children - H÷fundur: Dave Ziegler, Ph.D.

From the Author of Raising Children Who Refuse to Be Raised and Traumatic Experience and the Brain comes this third book in the difficult children trilogy. For more than 30 years, Dr. Dave Ziegler has been a psychologist, therapist, and foster parent to hundreds of the most challenging children. His methods have helped these "impossible" children--and their parents, teachers, and caregivers--to get back on the right track. He has done what many therapists don't know how to do: help to raise troubled youths, who are the exceptions to all the usual rules, into healthy, successful human beings. This book emphasizes an important element of being successful with difficult children hope. The repeated message is not only that success is possible, but also that it is realistically achievable. However, success comes only with the right type of hard work combined with a deep understanding of what troubled children need. If success with your child is escaping your grasp, you'll find some help in these pages.