Child of our time: How to achieve the best for your child from conception to 5 years - H÷fundur: Tessa Livingstone

In 2005, the children from the BBC's groundbreaking "Child of Our Time" television series reached an important milestone as they turned five years old. Tessa Livingstone, who has worked on the series since its inception, has brought together a wealth of information and reassuring guidance to help everyone achieve the best for their child. Issues such as personality, siblings, love, learning, anger, friendship, gender, self-awareness, success, ambition, and empathy are discussed and interspersed with games, fun tests, and questionnaires to help parents see their children as individuals with unique needs and gifts. It will help them cope with the many issues over which they have little control, and guide them through those where they can influence and affect their young child's life for the better.