Real parents, real children - H÷fundar: Holly van Gulden og Lisa M. Bartels-Rabb

Required reading for adoptive families, those considering adoption, or professionals in the field. This practical, informative book covers topics of vital importance to adoptive parents with sensitivity and insight. The authors bring years of experience to the complex emotional issues that parents will negotiate, and expert advice on establishing a healthy, loving parent-child relationship.

"Though writing for the adoptive parent, the authors have produced a book that will also be useful for professionals working with adoptive families. One fear among expectant parents is whether they and their child will be close. Adoptive parents ask, 'Can I love an adopted child the same as I would a birth child?' Beginning with bonding of child to parent, the authors do a fine job on the developing child, covering early infancy through adolescence. Leading authority Van Gulden offers practical advice for parents on how to talk with their children about adoption and how to help them through the rougher times of growing up adopted. Highly recommended for academic and public libraries with strong reader interest in this area."
ŚLibrary Journal