The pink guide to adoption for lesbians and gay men - H÷fundur: Nicola Hill

Can lesbian and gay couples adopt jointly? Is the adoption process any different to that for heterosexual adopters? Is it true that only ôhard to placeö children get placed with lesbians and gay men?áThe Pink Guide to Adoptionáhas the answers to these and many more key questions. This revised and updated second edition ofáour popular step-by-step guide is essential reading for lesbians and gay men who are considering adoption in the UK.

For both single adopters and same-sex couples wishing to adopt jointly, the first part of the book explores the adoption process and examines how being a prospective lesbian or gay adopter can and does affect every aspect of this. Illustrated throughout with quotations from those who have already experienced, or are currently involved in, the adoption process, the guide also has useful points to consider for those wishing to embark on the adoption journey.

The second part consists of the stories of several lesbians and gay men at various stages of the adoption process. Some are single adopters, most are in couples, and all are at different stages. Informative and inspiring, these stories bring to life the reality of what adoption means. They describe the highs and lows, the welcome they have received and also the prejudices encountered, the difficulties and the rewards. Many reveal how their lives have changed immeasurably since their adopted children moved in.

A must for any lesbian or gay man wishing to adopt,áThe Pink Guide to Adoptionáwill also provide insights for social workers on what lesbian and gay adopters can offer.