China the beautiful - H÷fundur: Anthony Osmond-Evans

A record of its authorĺs extensive travels through the country, from the Silk Road to Tibet, the Huangshan Mountains to Guizhou province, China The Beautiful has been designed as a feast for the eyes. It follows not the usual photo-travel progression from one region to another, but a series of colour, geometrical and tone themes in which vibrant red might be viewed against glowing crimson, or cool countryside tones repeated on a facing page. Many of these images have a quality of the miraculous; such as including the Kazakh horseman who emerged, to the photographerĺs astonished delight, through a waterfall and the Beijing acrobat captured in performance as a tea set descends through the air to land on her head.á

With additional photographic contributions from John Slater, Gina Corrigan and Lorraine Felkin, China The Beautiful takes the reader on a magical journey to the Silk Road and beyond and provides a lasting record of an eternally fascinating ancient land.