Clinical and practice issues in adoption - H÷fundar: Victor Groza og Karen F. Rosenberg

Experts representing practitioners, researchers, advocates, and triad members, explore the similarities and differences between adoptees placed as infants and as older children. The book promotes better integration of theory, practice, policy, and research in working with clients who are members of the adoption triad: adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive families. For the first time, the separate practice areas are bridged, pointing out the significant overlap between the two populations and the similar interventions that can be used when working with adoptees regardless of their age at placement.

Developed as a resource text for practitioners, researchers, students, and adoptive triad members, the first chapter provides an overview of the clinical and practice issues. Next the work presents issues surrounding infertility, and explores identity development with a following chapter on search and reunion issues. The fifth chapter discusses adoption support, both historically and with current developments and issues. The work then examines ethics and offers a model for ethical adoption practice. The seventh chapter explores treatment issues from a family systems perspective. Chapter 8 discusses the issues in transracial adoptions, examining history, policy, research and practice. The final chapter offers an analysis of international adoption, one of the modes of adoption that has expanded greatly over the last 10 years.