Ůann 17.05.2018 hittu Stephan og Ute b÷rnin sÝn H÷nnuáÄanetu og Jˇnas Kamil Ý fyrsta skipti ß barnaheimili Ý TÚkklandi. Ůau deildu me­ okkur s÷gunni sinni og gßfu leyfi fyrir ■vÝ a­ deila henni hÚr.á

I don't think that we will ever forget the 17th of May 2018 - even soáwe cannot remember a lot of details because that day went by so fast.áWe started with a 1.5 hour meeting with psychologists and social workers.áIt was hard to concentrate since we knew that after that meeting, weáwould meet the children - our children.á

When Hanna Äaneta and Jˇnas Kamil finally walked in, they were shy for approximately the first 3 minutes. After the first shyness wasáovercome, our two bundles of energy did want nothing else but play witháus. All these other people in the room (and there were plenty: 3ápsychologists, a social worker and our interpreter) were totallyáforgotten by all four of us. Even so it was a very strange feeling toábring Hanna Äaneta and Jˇnas Kamil back to their group for lunch, weáwere grateful for the much needed break. Playing with them was quite aáworkout. This day was the start of some quite exhausting but very special weeks.
Now after 12 weeks together, we all have gotten to know each otheráquite well. The children are much more relaxed. It is incredible howámuch German both of them understand and talk already. We are amazed howádifferentááour days as a family of four have become compared to theáfirst weeks.
Umsˇkn Stephan og Ute var sam■ykkt af yfirv÷ldum Ý TÚkkland Ý 03.05.2016 og voru ■au p÷ru­ vi­ H÷nnuáÄanetu og Jˇnas Kamilá23.03.2018. Ůau voru ß bi­lista Ý TÚkklandi Ý tŠp tv÷ ßr.

Ůetta er ÷nnur fj÷lskyldan sem sameina­ist me­ millig÷ngu ═slenskrar Šttlei­ingar ß ■essu ßri og b÷rnin or­in ■rj˙. N˙ hafa 38 b÷rn veri­ Šttleidd frß TÚkklandi me­ millig÷ngu fÚlagsins.