Miracles for Miracles - H÷fundur: Shannon G. Turner

Three-year-old Eric Turner announced to his mother, "Mom, I hear her! I hear my sister. She┤s talking to me. She says that she┤s up in heaven and she wants to come be with our family very soon. For the next 7 years, Tim and Shannon Turner tried diligently to make that inspiration a reality. But after recurring medical problems, Shannon was faced with a hysterectomy and the reality that a biological daughter would never come to be.

Through faith and divine guidance, the Turners were led to the Great Wall China Adoption Agency and discovered their daughter was, in fact, waiting for them in China. "Miracles for Marlee" is the account of their adoption journey, the challenges and obstacles in their path, and the pure faith in God that guided them on their journey to bring Marlee home.

This story will inspire those who may be struggling with infertility, searching for spiritual strength, or considering adoption. The Turner┤s trials and tribulations will make you laugh and cry and you will be strengthened by by the blessings the Lord bestowed upon them.