Parenting your internationally adopted child - H÷fundur: Patty Cogen, M.A., Ed.D.

Dr. Patty Cogen creates a parenting ômapö to help families effectively address the unique needs of internationally adopted children. She explains what to expect and what to do from the minute parents receive their child and through the years that follow, including the challenging teen years.

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Childáwill shatter the myths and dispel the fears of prospective and adoptive parents. This book empowers parents,as well as professionals working with internationally adopted children, to become more insightful, effective, and confident. Parents will want at least three copies: one for themselves, one for the grandparents, one for the pediatrician.

Dr. Cogen explains how and why to:

* help a child cope with grief over the loss of everything and everyone familiar;
* tell the child┤s adoption story from the child┤s rather than the parent┤s point of view:
* understand the ways in which a child┤s development may begin at adoption;
* handle sleeptime, mealtime, and discipline problems;
* foster identity and independence in pre-teens and teens;

and much more. With advice on language and school difficulties and the development of self-control and independence, Cogen guides adoptive parents from preparations for a child┤s arrival all the way through the teen years.