Talking about adoption - H÷fundur: Marjorie Morrison

New edition of BAAF's popular and comprehensive guide to the whys, whens and hows of telling the truth about an adopted child's origins. This thoroughly revised and updated edition includes more information on discussing adoption with older children, adoption support services, dealing with drug abuse in a child's past, contact issues, foster carers who adopt, 'mixed' families containing adopted, fostered and birth children, step-families and the variety of brother and sister combinations that can occur.

This book outlines the whys, shuns and hows of telling the truth about an adopted child┤s origins. It offers guidance on:

* why telling your child is so important
* what to tell you child and when
* the responsibilities you face if your child is of a different ethnicity or from a different country
* how adopted children and their birth parents feel
* how to trace birth parents
* where you can get more help

"Like having a good and knowledgeable adoption worker on you bookshelf..."
- Community Care